Saturday March 2 2013

On Parenting: Basking in the half-term break

By Min Atek

If you have ferried children to and from school, you will probably have an idea of what I’m going to describe. First is the fact that round 3.30p.m to 4p.m, your mind starts its fast journey to shut down mode.

At that point, you are quickly getting all your unfinished work done as your glance at the wall clock every so often to see that you are not late in jumping out of office. As is normally the case with such things, a number of things will actually crop up about that time, which you may find a way of accomplishing so that as soon as it is possible, you make the mad dash to the car so that you can get to school before the traffic jam madness sets in.

At our particular school, the children are required to have finished drinking a bottle full of water, which is okay, especially with the heat. But, on the days when it has rained, which can be many and sudden in coming, sometimes the need to quickly finish your water might not be as automated. So, sometimes you wait impatiently for the child/children to finish their water before you make another mad dash to avoid the traffic.

A big chunk of my life is generally like that, so, when I sit back and literary breath, you need to understand where I’m coming from. It is half-term where I come from and I cannot begin to tell you how much I’m basking in the much needed break.

You see, raising children in my case is much much more than simply looking for the money to pay school fess and the money for the different amenities. This parenting role includes what I already described about picking and dropping them, it involves listening to stories, and sometimes urging the children to actually keep quiet because, like I put it, sometimes, I just want to be quiet and its ok! It involves solving disputes, reminding people to stop playing and urging them to finish their homework.

It involves dodging erratic boda boda riders who love to appear and disappear from nowhere and dealing with indecisive drivers on the road. It involves meal planning and actualising those meal plans; it involves cleaning and re-cleaning places...

Raising school going chaps is totally involving, totally absorbing and yet totally rewarding. It involves sharpening me, remodeling me and repackaging me into an accommodative, understanding, thoughtful, decisive, assertive, thorough Mommy, that even I cannot recognise myself. It is totally ballistic!