Saturday March 16 2013

On Parenting: What is life if?

By Min Atek

My former colleague Jennifer and her husband always planed their leave days to coincide with their children’s holidays. My friend Jake always spends valuable time with his children; he is normally home at a certain time in the evening so that he can play with them before he oversees their evening bath and seats with them for the evening meal. Jake reads his 3daughters a story book each night he is at home and he watches a movie with them at home every Friday night. Another friend Andrew personally picks and drops all his 5children to school. He takes them swimming every weekend and personally takes them to church every Sunday.

Those are some of the parents who inspire me to be a better mother; that it’s okay to just spend time with the children.

You see today we live in a fast and busy world that for one to take a moment of peace and quiet, you start to feel guilty. Guilty for not toiling away looking for money, after all money is not that easy to come by.

Then I remember my friends and ponder for the umpteenth time what is life all about if it’s not about relationships. I wonder what life is all about if my children who are growing up so fast grow up without me noticing and before too long we are not able to recognize each other. I wonder at the futility of life if the very persons am working so hard for don’t ever have time to see and bond with me because in this world, we are working so hard, I leave them sleeping in the morning and I get back when they have already slept off at night.

What is life if it’s just about everything else except those precious being whom I carried in my bosom? What is life if before long it will be time for them to go off and fend for themselves and between me and them there is no relationship, no conversation, no laughter and no connection?

If today were my last day on earth, I wouldn’t want it to be full of regrets wishing I had availed more time to sit and watch the kids play, wishing I had listened more to my daughter and wishing I had been there to carry my little boy on my back every time he needed it. Its one life, we have to learn to count and value the things which matter the most….now am really growing old!!