Saturday January 4 2014

Opening a fresh page in your emotional life

By Ssenga Lucy

New Chapter. As we start out 2014, we need to be in charge of how our emotional lives will influence the way we enjoy the New Year.

Relationships are such an integral part of our lives. Just like we make fresh resolutions at the start of each year, there is need to refresh our emotional life page so that we can enjoy the blessings of another year. Each of us needs to pay special attention to how we relate to people, especially those who we are involved with emotionally. Many of us experience both positive and negative challenges. Everyone experiences some challenges during times of transition but we must handle them with ease. It is important to evaluate oneself and use your findings to chart a way forward.

What is it that you have gone through that has affected your emotional life in the past year? By answering that question, you will have a choice to make: to either continue to wallow in self pity and regret, or to intentionally make a decision to let the past be past, and choose to move on with strong resolve.
You cannot afford to walk down the road of regret twice. Ensure that you learn from your past mistakes and that they become the very stepping stones that will move you forward into the future. It is expected that through your experience, you make the situation a learning opportunity which will turn you out stronger and wiser. This applies to both the singles and those who are in more permanent relationships like marriage.

A few tips for all of us
• Do a self assessment of your emotional experiences of the past year. What new and important things have you learnt and how have they helped you to grow? What do you hope to achieve in the coming year? These and other questions will form your resolution strategy concerning your emotional life.
• Do not let other people define you or what is good for you. Know an appreciate who you are and what a tremendous contribution you make to society. The more you define yourself, the more you will be able to appreciate the value that other people bring into your life.
• Do not spend your life energy waiting for the right person to come your way to fulfil you emotionally. It is possible to live a fulfilled life with or without a lover. It begins with you. How you desire, respond and react to relationships emotionally will either attract or repel prospective partners.

for the singles:
Determine what kind of person you need to have around you to emotionally enjoy life. When you can clearly outline the qualities and attributes of such a person, you will be in better stead to identify them when they eventually cross your life’s path.
• Never wait for the “perfect” one because they do not exist. Remember that you are not perfect. Appreciate people for who they are, not for what they say they are.

For the married
• In this New Year, resolve to be more committed to your marriage. You made the decision because you loved this individual, so invest well in your relationship. Listen more and talk less. Do not make demands that you are not ready to sacrifice for.
• Remember to compliment and to appreciate your spouse. Life is so much better when you have an attitude of gratitude. Such gestures always motivate people to do so much more.
• Determine not to settle for different forms of abuse simply for the sake of keeping a relationship. Discover if you are being emotion

Sound off : What are your resolutions?
Barbara Nafuna, Student
I have been with my boyfriend for five years and I intend to officially introduce him to my parents so that he can also get to know my family.

Sasha Nateebwa, news reporter
Since I have been with my man for long, I wish to introduce him to my parents. I think it is high time I got a baby. I also want to develop my career by up grading in the field of journalism.

Priscilla Nampijja, student
Since I have been single for a while, I will search for an educated, caring, God fearing, faithful and hardworking man for a serious relationship leading to marriage.