Friday March 14 2014

Our chance to bond and play

By Min Atek

I have said it over and over again that whoever created the concept of half-term break deserves to drink all my freshly made green vegetable juice.

That is the least I can do to express my overwhelming gratitude for the midterm one week break that allows many a parent like myself to take a much needed breather! You see my freshly made green vegetable is what I call my liquid fuel; it is almost like a staple for me because it infuses my entire being with fresh, live and rich pre-digested food.

One of the many lessons I got from my dear friend Nantale (RIP) was to always take a break from work when the children are on holiday. She somehow always planned her leave in such a way that she spent some days at home with the children. Now that she went home quite quickly, I keep thinking she really used her short time on earth well by investing a lot of her precious time with them.

I make a deliberate effort to try and do just the same. Granted, many a time we are together with the children can be quite something but ultimately there is value added. Sometimes I feel like I’m scolding rather too often but I’m amazed at how much learning and bonding results.

So here I’m taking off some much needed bonding time to be with these precious beings under my care. The other day I took time cooking with the boy and I discovered that not only does he know but loves to chop up all cooking condiments. He then excitedly mopped a relatively big part of the house on his own.

Our kind of half-term is not usually laden with homework so there is lots of time to just play out in the sunshine. There is time to laugh and to sleep way past bed time. It is a time of refreshing, a time of rest and recuperation before the onset of another six weeks of schooling. It is a needed break from braving the traffic and dodging boda bodas. Thank you Lord for the simple things in life like the gift of half-term!