Saturday July 7 2018

People in love


By Mark Kawalya

Iwas leaving the supermarket with Leo over the weekend pushing a cartful of groceries. Meanwhile why is it that men have to do all the pushing of shopping carts especially if they are fully loaded.

The woman will be next to you swinging hands and hips without a care in the world as you struggle with the cart. A couple waltzed from behind us, the guy’s hand over the girl’s wasp-like waist as he led her to his car.

“Those ones must dating.” I whispered to Leo as she smiled mischievously in agreement. People in love act like they own the universe. You cannot tell them anything. They have got the whole world figured out. You can tell this kind in a crowd a mile away.

They stand out like a drunk in church on New Years’ Eve. They also stand close to each other like there isn’t enough real estate to accommodate two normal human beings. The guy will hold the girl’s hand protectively as if she is threatened by some unseen force.

This I know because I pulled such weird moves when Leo and I were dating over eight years ago. You could be in a public place with people hurrying about and this one couple is walking unabashedly on the sidewalk hand in hand. The confidence people in love have is on another level. This confidence if dully employed at work can get you a promotion, a pay rise and a company car.

A freshly dating couple also spares no expense when it comes to spending time together. Candle lit dinners washed down with fine wines, endless nights at the cinema whispering sweet nothings and long evening walks.

Any excuse to spend time together is jumped at with gusto. They will go to art exhibitions to stare at grotesque ‘still life’s ‘ and meaningless abstract paintings thoroughly enjoying themselves. The guy will nod furiously in agreement as the artist explains concocted inspirations that led him to paint the grotesque paintings.
Then there are the hour-long talks on the phone. What do people in love have to say all that time? This is especially true in the first few months of dating. Girls will lock themselves in their bedrooms and talk for an hour to that new boyfriend that is making all sorts of declarations. The girl too will declare things. Generally a time of declarations. The dating stage is good place to be because it prepares you for the school of hard knocks that the onset of marriage can often present.
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