Saturday March 8 2014

Pillow talk :Her friend fancies me

By Joash Yose

Being in a long-distance relationship is surely for the brave, especially when your partner wants you to keep in touch with the people she is close to, that is her, friends and family.

Recently I found myself in such a fix when my girlfriend’s buddy called and asked to meet me in my room one Saturday. I thought she would come for lunch or at day time. Later that day she called at 8pm asking if it was okay for her to arrive at 10pm. I was okay with it since I thought she would leave earlier than midnight, little did I know she wanted to sleep over. Alas there was a power cut, so we had to watch a movie on my laptop whose battery soon failed us and we were left in the dark.

The lady started taking off her ear pins, preparing for bed. I didn’t say a word. I was confused. She has an attractive body one that would tempt any man. I felt my body react. When she entered the bed and asked when I was going to join her I felt my palms sweating. I love my girlfriend so much that the last thing I want to do is cheat on her.

Nonetheless I got into the bed and lay almost still. At around 2am she touched my chest and I could not resist but caress her. Then I heard, “Peter don’t”. I was in shock because she started it. So we sleep till morning. When my girlfriend called her, without an ounce of shame she freely talked to her under my sheets all the while showing me a hush sign. I was so ashamed of myself, so I apologise to the girl for my inappropriate action. The next thing I knew, she called my girlfriend telling her I wanted to sleep with her forcefully. Of course, the girlfriend was very angry with me and the drama was very disturbing.

As these twisted events went on I realised that the friend had motive. She wanted to take the place of my girlfriend. Boldly she told me, “ Peter I didn’t understand why Sarah loves you so much until I met you, I think what is happening has given you the opportunity to move on or stay in the relationship, please let me know when you decide.” After that conversation I have decided to stay away from her friend and stick to my girlfriend like never before..