Saturday August 2 2014

Praying for Juliana

By Min Atek

July is normally a very special month for me, however this July has had its fair share of downs. One of the things that has made it particularly challenging for me is the passing of musician Juliana Kanyomozi’s son.

I know this is something that has done many rounds in the press and one or two persons has rebuked me about grieving with this mother. Some of the arguments have been that so many mothers have lost children and wondered why many of us seem to fuss.

Sometimes I fail to understand why many of us seem to see negativity in every circumstance and action. Well, I mourn and feel for Juliana for a number of reasons. Firstly, because as a mother of a child the same age as her own I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like.

I cannot begin to fathom a mother looking at a child knowing that the child is absolutely no more. I can’t comprehend what it’s like to wish you were dreaming…experiencing the worst nightmare and that shortly you will snap out of it with relief that it was only a dream. I have made an attempt to imagine the sentiment and normally it’s too painful to even complete.

So I deeply and desperately pray for Juliana; I beseech the Lord most High that in His grace and mercy He can provide the shock absorbing that one requires in such hopeless times.

That He can hold and comfort her. That His presence which is next to none can enfold one enduring such pain and grief; I silently pray that Gods ministering angels hold her and help her find rest even in the meaningless situation; that as the storm rages in and outside of her; that His calming peace that surpasses human understanding engulfs and embodies her.

I pray that this doesn’t break her but rather that it can draw her into the hands of the one who created life; the one who knows about tomorrow and holds the future.

I also pray and hope that situations like these teach us to stand together rather than to tear us apart. May we learn to number our days because sometimes death comes like a thief in the night! Farewell Keron Kabugo.