Saturday July 19 2014

Set to respond to my daughters call

By Christine Katende

Two years ago, my six-year-old daughter (Doreen), requested me to get her a baby girl, because she felt very lonely. To her, I think, it was just easy, like I could get it from a supermarket or one of the big malls in town.

I reluctantly agreed to her request, not knowing she was serious about it. But as we left home that day, Doreen kept telling me not to forget “her baby”. I guess you know how a child’s conversation can be, and because you don’t want to annoy her, you automatically agree to whatever request she makes.
It was a Saturday, the day I had planned to spend time with her. I went for work as scheduled earlier but while at office, Doreen kept reminding me about her baby. It was so amazing that I kept smiling but I knew it was impossible. Where would I have gotten this baby from?
By 4pm, I was done with work and ready to go shopping at Mega supermarket. I thought that if I got her a big doll, everything would be sorted. She was indeed so happy, she even hugged me.

However, in a few minutes, she told me she hadn’t forgotten about the baby. I was shocked! Of course, I pretended I hadn’t heard, but she insisted, saying that dolls did not smile or even eat like babies do. I think you now get what I mean. It is quite challenging, more so if you had not given it any thought.

As if that wasn’t enough, as we walked down to Cooper Complex to board a taxi back home, a certain woman carrying a beautiful baby entered the same taxi a few minutes later.

Her seat infront of us gave Doreen a chance to play with the baby hence distracting her from the issue, and reliving me from the pressure. Things only became worse when the lady got off the taxi with her baby, of course. The girl cried. She asked me to stop the lady from taking her baby but I could not. You can’t imagine the embarrassment I felt.

Worse of it all, nobody did anything; passengers on board just looked as if it was so funny. I only thanked God Doreen fell asleep in due course. It was indeed a lesson.
Recently still, I think three weeks now, Doreen called and asked me about when I am to give her a baby girl; I got shocked because I knew she had forgotten all about it. I couldn’t promise her again but divert the topic.

But now it’s time, I am set, I am ready to respond to her call though not so sure of whether God will also stand in to make it come true.

I really don’t want to hear “mummy I will get my own baby if you have refused to get me one” from her anymore. It is becoming a song. By the time a child tells you that, just know she or he is serious and mean what they say.

Although I normally laugh about whatever she says, I end up getting hurt like when the baby topic pops in. So I am erasing all that, let me work hard to bring joy in her heart.

I believe with the love she has for children, she will welcome whoever comes as longer as it’s a baby.

On top of that, I am also getting tired of people asking me when I was planning on getting Doreen a brother or sister as if they are ready to support me. With God, I want to put an end to everything, but with joy.