Saturday March 8 2014

Single in the city : Hallelujah! Minis are back!

How I wish I were that snail! Not like I have not attempted to live on air and energy of the sun. Surely it would be easier to get a handle on my weight? Surely the sun does not have that many calories!
By the way this has nothing to do with the careless comment by “pastor” that I told you about last week. It is just that part of my new year’s resolution was to shift them kilos. So far I have tried yoga, skipping and of recent I have taken up jogging.
This is not like the jokes of before; I have sweated doing these things. In spite of this, the long-awaited, “Wow you have lost so much weight!” is yet to come my way.

Instead I am receiving the most unusual comments. Just the other day, someone told me my neck looks slimmer. Imagine, after all the back breaking, ligament tearing, chest busting exercise!
I had the mind to give up, but I am afraid I may end up even regaining whatever it is I have lost on my neck. I will continue tomorrow after I have indulged in every decadent treat I have been avoiding for weeks!
I am not looking forward to terrifying moment of truth when I will have to step on scales.

So far I have managed to postpone it for a long time. Just like I have postponed discussing the final details of the trip with Moses. I’m suddenly not sure I want us to reacquaint ourselves like that. But there are the cons to think about, like a badly needed holiday I will not be paying for. Decisions! Decisions!

Meanwhile I can concentrate my energies on being thankful for the green light to wear my skirts and dresses again. I have been roasting in pants in this sweltering weather since they started undressing women.
The police are on our side, let any fool give me grief about my above the knee skirt and see. I got money to bribe and have him beaten!
It is terrible how we took this whole “miniskirtisation” of the Anti-pornography Act as a joke. Something to make wry comments about on Facebook. Now it is complete anarchy and every Seka, Sula and Mugisha thinks they were appointed to enforce the law. And the damn Act does not even say mini-skirt anywhere!

It only goes to show the precarious situation of the safety of girls and women in this country. The men will not hesitate to mete violence on us at the slightest excuse!