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Single in the city :Bad boys are emotional toddlers

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Posted  Saturday, December 7   2013 at  02:00

I kept dating them, one after the other. If I really examine each of my ex-boyfriends’ conduct, it starts appearing like I have actually been dating the same person. He may be showing up in different shapes and sizes and complexions and ages but, yep, same guy.

You may read this and think “oh please she is just attracted to a certain kind of guy,” and you may be right. That kind is a bad boy. I have been in denial like a lot of women are too. I like to think of myself as not that superficial to go hankering after a man who will treat me badly. But I saw something online. It was on those funny sites and it was a cartoon showing the story of most girls’ lives. A nicely dressed man approaches her.

She immediately tells him she wants to be alone. A few minutes later a scruffy bad boy approaches and she is over the moon. As bad boys are wont to do, he is out of the door the minute the sex is done and then she moans how she cannot seem to find a nice guy.I did not laugh at this story. I did not even spare a minute to put a LOL! which I usually do on these sites. This was too close to home.

I hung my head in shame for a moment recalling all the times I have friend zoned perfectly nice guys and chosen to date or try date jackasses. And of course I was too embarrassed to tell the nice guys the real reason I could not be with them, so I always forge something like lingering heartache from a past relationship, working on myself and other nonsense like that.

So why do I say bad boys are emotionally stunted? The reasons are simple, anyone who takes that much time and effort to seem bad has a problem. Typical human nature is self-improvement. It explains evolution, civilisation, everything we have accomplished since Zinjanthropus. Anyone trying to do the opposite has a problem, and any psychologist will tell you that.

Bad boys are also terrible at communication. All along I have thought it is unwillingness but I now think they are simply unable to. They have not grown enough to be able to do it. I think they fear if they do, then they become goodboys.If that isn’t a fight to remain emotionally stunted, then what is?

Plus they act like petulant kids, when you deny them what they want, they sulk, when you give it to them, they lose interest. Classic symptoms of emotionally stunted individuals!
I hope the time focusing on myself has been enough to help me deactivate the bad boy magnet. I want to be immune to their delicious charm. And I will get there, wait and see!