Saturday February 1 2014

Single in the city: Oh God, women!

When I had my first experience of a girlfriend’s backstabbing, my mother told me that in the end, it is much easier to deal with men than women. “You know all the cards a man is going to play. Women hold theirs closer to their chests. Also, a woman can meet you today and decide she does not like the look of you and be the most difficult person to deal with, while men you can be the nicest human beings to men you have never met,” said the woman who bore me.

Those words especially the last bit came back to me this afternoon. I had a business lunch at one of those fancy cafes around town. I was actually looking forward to the lunch because my new diet leaves me ravenous and the garlic chicken the guy on the next table was eating was driving me crazy. Also I was not paying, my lunch appointment who also picked the place was and which crazy person is not excited about a free meal? The waiter who brought the menu was very polite, like waiters in places where a pretty penny is being spent are.

I asked for unsweetened orange juice first because I was so thirsty and also because my fad diet says to drink before eating.
Another waiter, this time a girl brought the orange juice. She stood there, hostility written all over her actually quite comely face, as I gathered up the tabloid I had spread over the table. She plopped the glass on the table impatiently, tossed the straw on the mat unceremoniously, then stomped off! I was left wondering what in the world I had done to rouse such ire in her. Was I wrong to want to drink juice and make her have to bring it, which is her job?

Her attitude actually worked better for my diet because I ended up not even ordering for anything else. I was not about to risk a bowl of hot garlic chicken clapped over my head. And I exaggerate not, the way things were going, it was a real possibility.

When my appointment who had also lost appetite asked for the bill, it was the girl who came and this time she placed it graciously and even managed to crack a smile at him as she waited patiently!

I was more sad than livid at that point. Such women are not doing our gender or even humanity as a whole any favours.
What is with the attitude ladies? Please nobody say mood swings because what kind of mood swings only pick on women and also I have them too sometimes and you would never know for the effort I put. That is why I did not tell her she is a hopeless failure. No, I am too well-mannered to insult people even if they act silly!