Saturday January 25 2014

Single in the city: So, who buys the drinks?

For a person that spends almost their entire daylight hours talking, I’m very quiet on social media. I am on it permanently as long as I have bundles, but I say very little. I do post pictures every now and then and now that I think about it, that is also the frequency of my posts. Every now and then.

The time I would have used sharing and posting, I spend reading and listening in on anyone who takes the trouble to post. Catching myself up on what people are talking about and what they are up to basically. I sometimes stalk people on social media, usually guys I have been involved with and their current lovers but that is not all the time.

One of my recently added friends is quite witty and I find myself drifting to his page, just for a dose of mirth. He mainly sources his jokes from male- female relationships and as you can imagine he has very many comments per post. Last week he broke from tradition and did not post something funny. Instead, he described how he just met the woman of his dreams.

“She is incredibly endowed and, guess what? After engaging in small talk for a few minutes, she asked me what I would like to drink and paid for it. This is indeed the one!” his ebullient post read. It set off an argument on why this far into the century and into emancipation, women still expect men to buy them drinks at the bar. Few women were brave enough to take on the men in the comments war so the men had a field day. Basically, they said a woman worth her salt should match a man who approaches her in buying the drinks. I may have shied from saying it on social media, but I had my two pence on the matter. I do not see what all the hullaballoo is about.

For one, it is the onus of whoever makes the move to buy the drink. Men usually approach the women, so naturally they should buy the drinks. Whoever finds this rule too difficult, can leave so those more willing can have a chance. It is as simple as that.

If I were this man, I would not be too excited about a girl I fancy buying me a drink.I have been a girl a long time and I know for a fact that I would never buy a guy I really like a drink.
It is men who I have decided will stay in the friend zone, those that I do not particularly like in that way that I buy drinks.
So, the beautiful woman you were hoping to score is offering you a drink? Maybe you should cry in frustration rather than cheer, your chances of success just got slimmer!