Saturday July 19 2014

The Timberland tan boots


By Gloria Haguma

Don’t you just love it when fashion becomes too flexible for you to be even able to borrow items from your man’s wardrobe? So just when we were still fussing over the boyfriend shirt, and the boyfriend jeans, in came the timberland boots.

Take for instance the timberland boots. These masculine and casual steppers have now moved from the men’s wardrobe onto the ladies shoe rack.
The tan boots, in particular are a big bang at the moment, and have been seen on every style muffin; from Rihanna, to Rita Ora.

So, after you have bought your Timberland boots (an original pair is very pricy by the way, in case you did not know), then you will need clothing items like dungarees, booty shorts, miniskirts, and even maxi dresses to match your boots.

Since these shoes are quite bulky, keep the other part of the outfit as light as possible.

The rule to break

For once, break the rules; well, all but one. Be your own stylist and fit these shoes in whatever way you deem fit.

The only rule that you will not break is to wear them to a board meeting. The chunky nature of these shoes has a rough appeal, so you may not want to rub that kind of image off onto your bosses.