Saturday February 13 2016

The best Valentine’s gift


By Mathias Wandera

Have you been to the Bahamas? No? You have not visited this perfect stretch of powdery sand that encompasses 700 islands, lapped by seas in sublime shades of blue?

Fine, but guess what, you are not alone. I have not been to the Bahamas either, only heard stories about the magical scenery down there.

Visiting the Bahamas has however remained a dream of mine, and perhaps, many others!
But believe me your dream is someone else’s reality. I know a guy who has been to the Bahamas twice. He is not a Hollywood movie star.

This guy is Ugandan. First time he was 23, and he found himself on the plane to the islands courtesy of his moneyed uncle.

He loved the place so much and promised himself to drop by once more, which he did last year, February, in the company of this beautiful girl from West Nile - his girlfriend.

Raising the bar
Well, I do not know about your circle but people actually spend money on Valentine’s Day. They travel far and wide or ship in expensive necklaces and cars as gifts.

Good for them! The problem however is that everyone now wants to honour Valentine’s Day like the rich and affluent.

Today, we have men thinking hard to get their special ladies something tomorrow. Gifts they they find they can’t afford.

So they are looking for inexpensive gifts that will still count as decent. And when they search and come up short of such options, they become stressed and frustrated.

I was talking to a certain friend who said he would rather give her nothing at all than show up with a silly gift.

A better approach
Edward, another close friend, recently shared how he could not help but remember a his experience with a rich man’s daughter two years ago. He knew he had to put his best foot forward come February 14 because rich people’s daughters have seen it all, so, they expect more!

Unfortunately, however, much as he saved, he came up short. Thoughts of disappearing crossed his mind, but after a lot of deliberation, he decided he would man-up!

“I took her to a simple restaurant in town where I spent Shs30, 000 on a light meal. I talked to her about everything, all the special plans I had for her on this day and how the finances fell us short. But mostly, I talked about how much I loved her. On our way out, toward her car, I held her by the waist, gave her a simple kiss on the forehead and whispered reminding her that she is everything to me. She broke down in tears, melting with joy.”

I think that is what truly signifies Valentine’s Day, and deep down that is what the special person in your life is longing for this day.

You do not have to move a mountain. Don’t buy a car if you cannot afford it, and don’t eat at KFC. Just think about something simple and fly with that because for someone who genuinely loves you, every effort you make will mean the world to them.
Happy Valentine’s Day!