Saturday August 2 2014

The head band

Whether it is running across your forehead or lending

Whether it is running across your forehead or lending some semblance of order to your unruly afro, the headband is one cool accessory for your hair. PHOTO BY RACHEL AJWANG 

By Gloria Haguma

Do you remember Lupita Nyongo’s look from the 2014 Oscar awards? Well, while the rest of you were busy drooling over her gown, I on the other hand, was envying her hair stylist, for that great hair band that the starlet wore in her natural hair.

That hair band gave her a very dolly, but stylish look.
Accessories should be part and partial of your wardrobe.

And by accessories I don’t mean just the earrings and shoes. You need hair accessories.

The hair band can be you option number one. Why? Because it’s simple, and not too loud to distract attention from the rest of your look.

A lot to work with
Wearing a head band in your look is not easy, given the fact that there are several ways to wear it and you also have many to choose from. You can wear the Alice band, the stretch band, or even multi task with your small scarfs and use them as the head band.

Mind your style
Your hair band should be able to move, from simple and understated to glamour and showy. This means that the kind of hair band you are pairing with your jeans and T-shirt is not the same band that can be worn with a glamorous flow length gown.

This timeless accessory is an easy attention divert from a bad hair look, since you can choose it in vibrant colours, or prints, and patterns. It can be a colour blocking trick, styling option and even colour splash.

Have as many as you can

You will be able to incorporate the hair band in most of your looks, so have as many as possible. Get a variety of shades, sizes, prints and detail.
The prices will vary depending on your point of purchase.

For instance, if you shop at uptown malls like Garden City or Quality Shopping Village, the bands will range from Shs40,000 to Shs80,000. On the other hand, shopping points downtown, like Ham Shopping Centre and Gazaland, the prices will range from Shs5,000 to Shs20,000.