Saturday May 31 2014

Man Talk: The impression your mini makes

skimpy dressing


By Ivan Okuda

Skimpily dressed! I think there is so much Lokodisation of things in this town. To dress skimpily is to be a slut or candidate for the oldest profession under the sun. To wear a real mini skirt is to openly invite men for ‘things.’ Rev. Simon Lokodo even made it worse by saying this on TV! I think however, society has evolved.

A woman can still show off flesh without ever, at the back of her mind, inviting the male beings for stuff. It is too early and too quick to judge a woman because of her skimpy dress. In any case, she perhaps just feels like being free, show flesh and not get down. And yes, we love skimpily dressed girls, so come on on baby!
Let the skirt be shorter than the pants! It is a free world. I go “rock and let’s roll baby!” when a hot girl shows up. I’m, however, impressed by women who appreciate sense of occasion. So, when you are out on the night, the unwritten rule is not to dress as if you were going for Holy Communion.

Andrew Wallace
I have learnt never to judge a book by its cover. Not so much for ladies paraded around half-dressed though, I think that’s where we should draw the line. Half, if not most of the time, what you see is what you get! This has even become a cliché by many young women lately. And now that I think about it; maybe they are essentially allowing us to judge them by their appearance…No!

Anyway, any man’s thought on the skimpily dressed women is- They are just wicked attention seekers. Personally, I don’t believe in snap judgments. I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it is because I have floated around the edges of society for a while now. At this level, you can tell the one-offs from the perpetual “light dressers”. Some cases, you can tell right away that this lady didn’t intend to look like this tonight! There must have been a wardrobe error somewhere.

She is not what she is trying to depict. However, if it’s your perpetual look, then we will know what they are trying to say…and we will try to keep our distance.

Skimpiness obviously downgrades you to the level of a woman of easy virtues. No level-headed guy wants to get near that! No question, they will look- and confidence is vital. But if yours has everything to do with near nakedness, then….


This is a tricky one for me. I am a sucker for women’s legs - nice, long legs! So, ordinarily, I will have no problem with short stuff and some skin. However, I do not believe that a woman needs to dress skimpy to look beautiful.
If you are beautiful and have a sense of style, it doesn’t matter how short your skirt or dress is.
Additionally, I think there is an accepted kind of short. Subconsciously, I think we all (including the girls) know it. It is in those few inches between short and smart, and embarrassingly trashy. One gets you genuine compliments and the other, well, it swings between derision and gets you little sympathy when men try to “tap it”.

Eugene Mugisha

I like skimpily dressed girls. What I don’t like is when she has no business dressing skimpily, but still insists on doing so. Think of the words “easy on the eye”, and “eye sore”.
Skimpy is, of course, subject to debate, but as long as it is not embarrassing to the wearer and the wearer is in the “easy on the eye” category, I’m grateful for being allowed to see.

That, again, is if you have what it takes to dress skimpily, and not become a disgusting sight. My thoughts can be summarised in two words, appreciatively said; “Oh yeah!”

Skimpily dressed women always get attention. They get my attention, to be exact. When she walks past, depending on how short the skirt is, or how low the neckline is, my thoughts oscillate between pity and repressed curiosity. Of course, I’m thinking the normal man thoughts; “Damn, I would hit that!” Then, I’m thinking about the condemnation she is having to endure in the eyes of the suction of society that thinks everyone should be a prude.

So, skimpy is good on one side but I would not want the skimp to be on someone I know because they are definitely going to carry so much pressure from society.