Saturday June 14 2014

The only one I fancied was not for the taking

By Lawrence Ogwa

Two of my other friends and I, all journalists, decided to go try out speed dating. My only experience with speed dating had been what I had seen in the movies. This would be my opportunity to experience it. So, come D-day, I giddily make my way to Laftaz Comedy Lounge at Centenary Park where it was all supposed to go down.

As a journalist, my aim was to observe and write a story, but since the turn up was very low, the organiser told us to join in and mingle as well.

Truth be told, it was the organiser that tickled my fancy from the word go. Her name was Sandra. When we were instructed to mingle with the opposite sex, my only target was to mingle with her.

It seemed quite impossible, but I had to find a way, I was determined to get to her. There was the warm hug she had given me for turning up for her event that seemed to put my nerves on edge, but she was also hot. It did not help that she kept on calling us sweethearts for no good reason, though silently I wished it was just me she was calling that.

We were a total of 12 people and the first person I had to talk to was from Jinja (a Musoga). Well, of course, I didn’t like her (she most likely didn’t like me neither). The conversation was plastic from both of us. I was just plotting for the moment Sandra would mingle with us (with me in particular). When it was finally time to switch partners, I mastered the boldness to tell her I wanted her.

Finally, we sat together. Even though the settee we were sitted on could have comfortably accommodated three people, she continued to push against me as if someone else was supposed to share the chair with us. Now, I’m a fast thinker and most of the times my guesses and conclusions have been totally off.

I thought she had forgotten about the event and was looking for a way of cozying up with me. I was wrong, as I later realised. It is just the way she is with everyone. But just like a determined Ninja, I went on and wished for every ounce of luck to take its course that night. Since it was during the Juliana saga, she was calling me King Lawrence, referring to Juliana’s boyfriend.

King Lawrence is apparently popular with the girls because of his good looks. Again, I thought she was starting to like me. Remember, she is sitted almost body to body with me and she is still saying what I wanted to hear whole night (calling me King Lawrence).

At least I thought she would eventually grow to like me with time because my jokes seemed to be putting a smile on her face, evidence that she wanted me to keep on talking. We were supposed to chat for 15 minutes and switch to another person but we had been talking for almost 35 minutes.

I thought to try out something with her; take a selfie of us cuddling and post it on Facebook. After all, there is no reason for her to deny me that. She sure seems to be enjoying my company. Indeed, she let us take the pictures. In some, I’m even pecking her (wink).

Next, was a plot to take her phone number with me. I told her my graduation was soon, and it worked like a charm. I got her number and her Facebook username. She said she wanted to be the first to be invited for my party. Now, who wouldn’t be convinced someone was falling for them?

The night ended and we had to leave, and she gave me that hug again. But then, she called all the other guys and hugged them! She also told them to take her number. I cannot say I was surprised when she did not respond to my chats, phone calls or Facebook messages.