Saturday July 26 2014

The plunging neckline

The plunging neckline


By Gloria Haguma

Brace yourselves ladies, the cleavage just got deeper and better, and it comes in form of the plunge. The V-neck that goes way down your chest, going as far as you want it to. But before taking on this very daring look, there might be just a few tips for you to know before trying out the look.

The cut of your plunge matters
The lower the cut, the more modest your bust should be. That means, if you have a D or plus cup, this look may not be for you. This is because there is little support from your top, so it may be hard to contain your cleavage with the plunging neckline.

Tape your nipples
The majority of the plunging necklines may require you to do away with the bra. So that means you have to tape your nipples, to avoid that embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Leaving them untapped may have you nipples slipping out at any given opportunity. Do this by placing some duct tape over your nipples, or even taping them towards your armpits. That way, your breasts are firm, even without a bra.

Keep the rest of your look simple
Keep in mind that the plunge is a very daring look, so don’t add it to any other things like cutouts and high slits. You want to come off as very elegant not trashy.

What bra to wear
When you opt to include the plunge neckline in your wardrobe, you may also need to buy new bras. The deeper the V-neck, the less of the bra we should be able to see.
So to begin with, you can opt for a U-plunge bra. This bra is specifically made to be worn with low cuts.
However, if you have your neckline go down to your navel, then you will have to go braless. In this case, then you can use breast pads.