Saturday July 19 2014

The right lipstick for your lip size

 Nina Kankunda’s final look for her

Nina Kankunda’s final look for her full lips. Photo by Dominic Bukenya. 

The shade of lipstick you wear will make or break your entire makeup look. Makeup artiste, Jamila Nansereko, shows us how to go about choosing appropriate lipstick for your lip size and skin complexion.

For the full lips, Nansereko uses red, maroon and pink shades. “What is important for full lips is that you use a matte (dry) finish. When you use gloss therefore, blot it with a tissue and pass over a second coat of lipstick.

On the thinner lips, she uses light chocolate lipstick and light pink gloss. Thin lips need a glossy finish to exaggarate and give them a fuller appearance.

The trick
Like all make up, what lip stick should do is enhance your beauty not change you.

Do not wear lipstick to enhance lip size, therefore, but simply to look good. Therefore, be more conscious about your complexion and style.