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The yoke skirt

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By Gloria Haguma

Posted  Sunday, May 25   2014 at  18:52

Add definition to your waistline with the yoke skirt. Tailored with a shapely waistline, this classic design is a great way to define and emphasise your waistline, especially if you are trying to disguise your tummy and show off your hips.

You could have this skirt in any colour of your choice, print, and fabric. However, being a classic, you will need to add some sleek accessories to bring it up to date. Go for little purses or sling bags, just enough to compliment your statement skirt, and not block it out.
You can get your yoke skirt from any shopping point, or even better, get it tailored.

How to wear it
You will have to wear this skirt with a cropped top, or have your shirt tucked in so as to show off your waistband which creates the basis for this skirt.

The yoke (wide low waistline) on the skirt creates bulk at the bottom, which is why it would be best if you kept your top as slim as possible so you are not bulky up and down. They are also best teamed with subtle accessories like chains, beaded necklaces, and earrings.

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