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Trends to carry on into the New Year

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By Gloria Haguma

Posted  Saturday, December 28  2013 at  02:00

We are keeping this. We have just a few more days before we wave out the year 2013, and gladly usher in 2014. We are all going to want to make all sorts of changes in our lives, one way or the other. However, for the style freak, your New Year resolution should be to take out all the outdated items out of your wardrobe, and if possible, give it a revamp. However, you will need to know what items to keep, and those to lose. Gloria Haguma and Hassan Ssentongo, a fashion writer at satisfashionUganda, point out some of the trends you need to keep up with in 2014.

Leather has been big this year, and we saw all sorts of leather, from dresses, skirts to shorts. There will definitely be more of these in 2014, thought it would be wise for you to keep your leather till February, given the heat that comes with January. You can wear your leather big, on dress or go small with an accessory like a bow tie.

The tottes
The new and trendy way to carry your belongings is with a totte. It’s big enough, and does not turn to bizarre. The totte bags are sleek classy, and very elegant. So get yourself a Totte from any of your favourite designers like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and may others.

Chockers and collar necklaces
Accessories have been and will always be big in as far as an outfit is concerned. Some of the biggest accessory trends this year were the chockers and collar necklaces. These pieces can be worn on shirts, dresses, and even cropped tops. So as you do your new year shopping, don’t forget to stock up on these.

Polka dots. Florals. Aztec. Print has been one of the biggest fashion trends this year. And it will definitely rock into 2014. So hold on tight to those pieces of yours. Whether it is on accessories, or on clothing like pants, shirts, or dresses, prints are still trending and should still be granted the biggest space in your wardrobe.