Sunday February 18 2018

Valentine’s Day is more than just a bother

Eugene Mugisha

Eugene Mugisha 

By Eugene Mugisha

This is for the men. And also for the ladies. The trick is the simple things that matter, and listening just might make you a stronger couple on the other side of Valentine’s Day. I hope you are not in the position that you wish you had read this before and not after.
To the women: Understand that not all men understand these things to the level that you would want them to. Some do, but many others are clueless.
They consider the day a bother and do not see the opportunity it presents to refresh your connection and get closer. Most of them in fact see it as an unnecessary venture, financially costly and time-consuming. So they would rather do away with the day. At best, they do it for you, they do not see themselves as being equal beneficiaries in this.

So, listen. Get to know your man, and adapt the day to him so you can share the day doing things that you both enjoy. If he is not a flowers guy, perhaps there is something else he is into. Talk about it, understand his perspective, find the things you both enjoy, and do a bit of what each likes, and make it enjoyable for the two of you. Because it is for him as well as for you.
To the men: Valentine’s Day is not a waste of time and money, it is not a bother. Yes, there is investment, but it is about your woman, it is for you as well. It is the simple things that will make or break the day for her.

Taking her to very expensive dinners and buying her costly gifts will not bring you closer if you do not ever listen to her, and try to understand what she needs. No, money will not buy you her heart. Be present, communicate, share and plan together.
It does not have to be a stressful day. Yet it can be a greatly rewarding one if you just do the little things that you have noticed make her happy, and mean them. It is not about going through the motions, it is about sharing with her.

I hope the day went well for you and your partner, and that as you are reading this, you are better for the experience. It comes once a year, and 12 months is a long time to wait just to show that you appreciate your partner. So, why not do it more regularly, randomly tell and show that you appreciate your partner’s presence in your life?