Sunday September 10 2017

Want to brighten your day this cold season?


By Esther Oluka

Yellow is not a colour that you will find many people wearing on day-to-day basis.
Its bright, bold and shouting attributes are ideal for particular occasions for instance parties. In fact nowadays, some women are opting for it as their bridal shower theme colour.
If you ever get a chance to be invited to a bridal shower or another type of party and theme is yellow, there are a few things you need to have at the back of your mind, says Charlene Kakooza, a tailor in Kampala.

“It is not that you should wear yellow all through. Yes, the host is telling you to wear yellow but that does not mean that you should not experiment with other colours,” Kakooza says.
One can blend this yellow with other colours. Kakooza says one can for instance have a yellow dress mixed with kitenge print or any other kind of African fabric.
The combinations involve blending your yellow outfit with accessories of different colours including shoes, bags and jewellery.

Regardless of what kind of yellow outfit you go for, do not forget to also dress according to your body type, she adds.
“For example, if you have a big bust, try not to wear something that squeezes the life out of the upper part of your body.
If you are tall, show off those long legs probably in a knee length or short yellow skirt,” she says.
As much as yellow is suitable for particular fashions, it is a colour that can also be worn during these cold days to brighten your mood and day, Kakooza concludes.

What to wear with your yellow outfit

1. Black can be worn with any colour of outfit. It is a colour known to blend with any attire. , One can accompany a yellow dress with a black pair of shoes or even handbag.

2.Another colour that blends well with yellow is white. For instance yellow pants are a great combination with either a white vest or blouse.

3.Try colour blocking by pairing different colours in order to come up with an interesting look. For instance, one can combine yellow with red. There are people I have seen combine a yellow blouse or blazer with a pair of blue jeans and they look great.
One can even go extreme by combining pink and yellow in a skirt and blouse, respectively. Fashion is all about experimenting with different things.
In relation to colour blocking, perhaps one can break the routine of wearing all yellow by picking an outfit that has a pattern or print in another colour. The options are numerous.

4.When one is wearing any kind of yellow outfit especially on the upper part of their body, they should wear jewellery of different colours, says Charlotte Birungi, a jewellery dealer in Kampala. “For instance, wearing a yellow blouse and a necklace of the same colour is not recommended. The necklace gets lost in the outfit,” Birungi says.
She advises that one tries other colours of jewellery rather than yellow. At the end of the day, the jewellery should add value to the outfit.