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What is your priority this Christmas?

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Judith Babairye. File Photo 

By Christine Katende

Posted  Saturday, December 21  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

All eyes on... With the Christmas festivities underway, there is simply too much to do. However, it helps a lot if you focus on particular things. Some readers shared with us what aspects will have most of their attention this Christmas.


Jessica Alupo,Education Minister
I am focusing on my children this Christmas. Because they are still minors, I want to guide them into the walk of life, mentor them into patriotic, God fearing and responsible people. I need to teach them about Jesus, given the fact that it is Christmas, the day when God gave us a saviour. They have to know who Jesus is and why he was sent to us. Children need to know their cultural responsibilities, both their father’s(western) and mine (eastern) side. The boys should know how to rear cattle and the girls should know how to prepare the traditional dishes. This means I have to take them to both the maternal and paternal grandparents so that they can relate and listen to the old people’s stories and learn more. In that way, they will be able to keep the memories. Besides, taking them to their grandparents helps them to know their origin.

Tina Wamala, PRO of MultiChoice Uganda
This is a special day that comes along once a year. It is a day we have to be with our families for bonding. So, this Christmas I am focusing much on family. I will go to church in the morning and thereafter congregate at my parents’ home so that I also engage in the preparations. It is during this time that we share, bond and learn more. I am normally busy during the course of the year; I don’t get time to interact with my family apart from communicating on phone. That is why I want to be with them, sharing all that happened within the year and also thank God for taking us through no matter the kind of challenges we met.

Naomi Namara Karekaho, Public Relations Officer NEMA
My priority this Christmas is to travel. I am planning to travel to the village with my family to meet parents and relatives so as to spend some quality time with them during the festive season. This is the only time we can get chance to sit down and reflect on what has been going on in our lives and also for the children to interact with their grandparents. We plan to leave Kampala before the D-day to avoid the drama of other motorists, especially taxis and buses that will be speeding that day. I am also going to shop for my people different things that they will use for the day and after.

Mariam Ndagire, movie writer and director
I am a Muslim so, Christmas only matters to me because my son is a Catholic. Because of this, Trevor will be my priority. I will wakeup early; prepare him breakfast before he goes to church. He then comes back for lunch, which I will personally prepare. I have to fully get involved because we have to keep the memories. I am giving him a chance to tell me wherever he wants to be and I will take him there. My son loves movies and if he asks to go for a movie, I will not hesitate spending the evening in a cinema. That is the best way I can keep his Christmas memories given the fact that he is grown and can understand everything that takes place.

Grace Kabasinguzi, Business woman
My priority this time is guests. Given the fact that I have taken the children to the village, I have to put my focus on the invited friends. These are Muslims whom I want to enjoy the day with. I have planned to do shopping and attend night service on December 24 so that I can be able to prepare nice food for my guests. I want them to enjoy and also have a different taste compared to what they normally have. I will do all it takes to offer the best for the day because I have no other programmes. All that I am planning is in line with the guests whom I will spend time with.

Judith Babirye, Gospel artiste
My priority this Christmas is food. I normally spend little time with my family during the course of the year because of the different engagements. I want to dedicate this day to them and at least prepare something different. To achieve this, I am planning to peel the matooke and smoke the chicken a day before, so that I can get enough time to prepare the food, following recommended recipes. So on Christmas Day, I will wake up at 4am, prepare the matooke, chicken and mushroom sauce because it takes time. I will supplement it with Irish potatoes and goat’s meat. I have to make sure that I make juice before going to church at 10am. I believe my family will have a memorable day because I am giving the food bit all my time.