Saturday December 22 2012

What would become of Christmas without women?

What would become of Christmas without women?

Most homes value Christmas decoration but you don't have to buy everything as you can do with home made decoration  

By Grace Kenganzi

As Christmas approaches, I cannot help but notice how much women around me are doing to make the day special. One is trying to get the decorations up so that her young children get to appreciate Christmas before they are too old to do so. Another has been going through her sons’ wardrobes and has realised that the clothes they have just won’t do for that special day. And then, there is another who has been gently nudging her husband to remind the people at their goat farm not to sell a particular one since it is perfect for the slaughter come Christmas.

What all these women were doing made me realise that it is these little things that make Christmas. And so I would not be wrong to conclude that women make Christmas or at least the version of it that we will remember for years to come. Don’t get me wrong, men too, do their share of making the holiday special but this usually means paying for all these things that the women in their lives believe will make the day special.

It must be something in our DNA that inspires to make the day as special as possible even when we cannot. Three weeks ago, a man I thought treated the day like any other shocked me when he said, “I want my mother dressed in the latest fashion and the person making it should get started soon since Christmas is almost here.”

And then he asked us (we were all women in the group) where he could find good decorations as he was shopping for them and having them delivered to his mother in Soroti. I asked him why he was going to such lengths yet it was not December yet and he simply said, “My mother always made Christmas start in mid-November and it should not be different this year.” His mother was his inspiration for making the day as special as possible.

Asking him what he was planning for his wife and children, he said he was leaving it to the wife to put everything together and he would pay for it. And this is what goes on in many families during this season… women giving inspiration on how the day should be celebrated or going the extra mile to make it special. That is why most people who live alone the rest of the year when asked what they are doing for Christmas, will tell you that they are spending it with a grandmother, mother, sister or a special woman in their life because they are assured that they will at least get a special meal out of it.

So, here is a toast to all you women making this Christmas day memorable, and the men, thank you for making what these women come up with possible.