Saturday June 7 2014

Whatever became of the huge male ego?


Andrew Wallace
The male ego has not evolved one bit in ages. Few people realise this. but some men have changed their approach towards relationships only as counter means to all the feminism and the socially engineered attacks many women have adopted lately.
They are basically reacting to the increasing odds stacking up against them. Some women today are not exactly easy to provide for. Many are enlightened and have what they need to survive. Some go as far as openly confessing this, altering the fundamentals any male ego would ideally work with. That’s why he might easily sit back and watch you clear a bill for instance. It’s hard for any man to come in and be a man in such a situation. We are naturally providers.
If a woman shows no need to be provided for, we don’t see any use in staying around. If you’ve got everything you need and continually do stuff on your own, right away we will start rethinking our purpose in the relationship. We are not saying you should downplay your independence and abilities, just be smart about it.

The war of the sexes is getting bloodier. The Women’s Lib movement has got a number of victories in the last few decades. There was a time when the men relished the fight, knowing they had the upper hand. Those days are firmly in the past. So many men wonder what the point of it all is; why put up appearances when it is obvious the ground has shifted? Women remind us everyday that they do not need men. Men are really going their own way and it is refreshing.

Eugene Mugisha
In a way, the women have forced the guys to be what they are today. Women tend to like “projects”, men who have flaws so they can work on them and make them their “perfect” guy. The guys probably feel less inclined to work that hard too, considering that in the end, the woman is only interested in the money. Throw in the whole women emancipation drama, and the result is chaos, a lose-lose situation. So, ladies, do you want to be looked after, or do you want to do the looking after. I’m sorry, but it can only be one of those, not both...

Ivan Okuda
One thing; society is not evolving. It is evolving madly and terribly. The men perhaps find themselves entangled in this cob-web of societal evolution which comes with among other crazy things, women making move number one, women paying the bills and men asking women if fees for the children was paid by her.

We can call them names but that is a mirror of a society where people won’t live by the code created by culture and our own prejudices. So let the men be and women be if they will be with what we think weird of a man.

I think this is one of those “What do women want?” situations.
A lot of times, a girl will say how she can afford to buy herself whatever it is that you want to buy her, but then go on to talk behind your back about how you never buy her anything.

I think that this talk about independence and feminism has been around for so long, some men are beginning to take it literally. So, it is not a question of ego per say, I think it’s a question of if you say you can do it yourself, then do it for me once in a while.