Sunday December 10 2017

When girls cannot keep their mouths shut

Eugene Mugisha

Eugene Mugisha 

By Eugene Mugisha

Girl talk. That is a fact that anyone with any sense will have to make peace with if you aspire to any semblance of happiness in your relationship. No, do not tell me about generalising.
The truth is all girls talk; some less, some more than the others, but they all talk. They talk about very personal stuff, the kind of stuff that should be covered under the ‘do not wash your dirty linen in public’ clause.

Of course, at that moment, they are best buddies, BFFs (Best Friends Forever). They are ‘sharing’, and exchanging juicy tidbits, life is good so it is ‘okay’. But it is not okay, i tell you. Girls are not loyal at all, their friendships are fleeting things.

One day they are solid BFFs, and the next moment, they are certified blood thirsty enemies. This is where my concern comes in; what happens to all the things you told her? about your man, about your life?
Perhaps you should have been wiser, and not let your mouth run like that but it is too late, and she has already told everyone, and now your man knows you are a traitor in his camp, especially considering that he told you these things in a moment of vulnerability. You know how it goes.
Sarah started laughing the moment Josh walked off. I did not even need to press her to find out what was amusing her.

In a few short sentences, she told me that Josh is a pervert. Okay, this got my attention; “And why do you say Josh is a pervert?” She fought the urge to keep it to herself, but presently, she said, “he likes to wear his girl’s bras. And wigs”. I had not seen this coming.
“And how do you know this?” I asked. She giggled some more and said she had “probably” already said too much. True, picturing Josh wearing a bra and wig was too much. Josh is a chunky but muscled fellow, the kind that people do not mess with because he looks like he can punch holes in walls. Imagining him wearing a girl’s bra, - any bra - was beyond my powers of reconciliation.

I kept quiet, trying to stop her from telling me more. But I knew where the leak had come from. True, we all have our little weirdness and eccentricities, and by jove, everyone is entitled to a little craziness.
What is wrong is that this girl who had no business knowing, knew about it. Of course, it had come from Josh’s girlfriend, unless it was public knowledge. And she had probably told all those silly girls, who could not even think to keep this in confidence.

So, I asked her why she was telling me this. Looking at me with a look of surprise, bordering on shocked disbelief, she asked back ‘why not? you are his friend, you should know!”.

That is when I lost it; Why on earth would I want to know anything like that? I told her to tell her stupid friend to keep her stupid mouth shut, and walked off. I was too angry, on Josh’s behalf, to care what they all thought, including his stupid girlfriend.