Saturday July 19 2014

Why are Christian couples cheating?


Andrew Wallace
Christian couples are exposed to a lot of temptations today than they were before-and it think it is because the laws on relationships have been slightly relaxed…they are too laissez-faire!
Christian marriage counselling has also become so liberal just to accommodate the ambivalence of many young couples. They now teach and counsel newlyweds that marriage is essentially about having their individual needs met. Which is not entirely true.

This has created a lot of selfishness in relationships- so once one’s expectations are not met to their satisfaction or as “prescribed” by the counsellor, they see no point in hanging around- After all, the counsellor said.

They should go back to teaching them that marriage is a framework through which a couple can raise a family and also through which one can learn how to be selfless. These are the fundamental beginnings any Christian relationship can grow.

It is possible that people don’t take the tenets of Christianity as seriously as they should.
So they only call on God when they need Him but find no need to make a connection between the bigger picture and their bodily desires. So, uncontrolled lust takes over and, because our morals seem to be going in reverse, well, marriage too is taken lightly. So, it is happy hour all over the place.

Eugene Mugisha
Cheating is a natural instinct. Christianity on the other hand, is like a dressing, it is something we adopt and try to adapt our instincts to. But, some urges and instincts are too base, too natural, too ingrained that something like religion might try to set guidelines, but these will only end up looking like a sign that says, “you shouldn’t tresspass”, but you still do it anyway because you can’t help yourself.

Those Christians might have good intentions, but how do you fight something as strong as sexual instinct, if in the first place, before you became a Christian, you did not have discipline to control yourself? Those same fellas would still be unfaithful if they were pagans.

I think if these studies had been done two or three decades ago, the results would have been the same. The furore today is probably because we have people who are more open and therefore not shy about telling the truth.

We, as a society, have not fully understood the philosophies that underlie the Abrahamic religions that are followed by most Ugandans.

This could probably be because when the missionaries who brought the religions came, they were more interested in getting as many converts as they could manage, what with the inter-religious wars that were going on at the time. Instead of being strict on morals, philanderers and polygamists were let off the hook as long as they were good church people.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, we have largely accepted the parts of religion that appeal to us (if you believe in Jesus, you will not burn in hell fire) and chosen to ignore the parts that make it difficult to live (do not sleep with a person who’s not your spouse). As long as the religious leaders continue putting up a half-hearted fight, Christians will continue cheating.

What is more, even the leaders are cheating, so it is a case of blind people leading blind people.

Ivan Okuda
What is the fuss about being Christian? Christian or not Christian, someone will cheat or not cheat. It is a personality thing. May be the whole Christian thing is over-rated. I mean, Christians are as immoral, promiscuous and whatever dirty thing there is in the world just like the average human being.

Actually, the bold way to look at it is through the radical lense of some of the worst things done under the sun being done or engineered by Christians. So, bottom line is,. the report only put under the sun the obvious.
Christian teachings? Hmmm...perhaps a long shot at idealism? But the same teachings encourage sharing and doesn’t put boundaries on what is “shareable” and what isn’t and forgiveness so if I cheat, I know I can ask for forgiveness from my God. But on a serious note, how many people actually take those teachings serious as to live by them? 0.01 per cent!

Christianity is based and built on well founded propaganda so yes, no genuine Christians but people who proclaim Christianity for convenience.