Saturday July 26 2014

DIARY OF A WORKING MARRIED MOTHER: You get what is coming to you

I will not lie. When I heard about how a prominent woman in society was busy chasing after her husband’s (an equally prominent man) mistress, threatening and wanting to possibly destroy her, the first thought that crossed my mind was, “Good for you”. I know, such a mean thing to think. But hear me out first.

When these prominent people got married, the pictures and stories, were splashed all over the papers.

They looked good. And many people were thinking how nice that they were tying the knot. But a few of us knew that this woman had “snatched” this man from another woman, his legal wife by the way. Not only had prominent woman snaked her way into this man’s life. She did everything in her power to get the properties, monies and many other things, owned in both names of prominent man and his first wife, changed to now hers and his. It was a tough time for the first wife.

Being very ill did not help. And it seemed, many people, preferred prominent man to leave his wife and get together with prominent woman. So wife number one was pretty alone. And the wedding happened with many people’s blessings.

Not more than three years down the road, prominent woman finds herself in the same shoes as wife one. Hubby is not being faithful. He has a young woman who he not only sees often but has also provided a lot for. And prominent woman is not one bit happy. You could say, what goes around comes around.

What did prominent woman think? That she would be able to tame him? Did she cast magic spells, hoping that his hopping around would end with her? If she could snatch him from another woman, what made her think, he would not be willing to go into another pair of arms once they came around. After all, she had all the proof that he was not a faithful man. And even as she goes after the young mistress, is she trying to deal with the real problem, which is the man himself? Because even if she manages to scare this (naïve) woman away, chances are high, hubby will find another one to amuse himself with.

I wonder, in all this, does she think about the first woman she wronged? Does she now understand what it is like to have your husband lured into another woman’s bed, carry on a full affair and almost start another family there?

I must not wish her ill, I know, despite all her shortcomings. But now that she knows the pain another woman can bring to a relationship, she must remember what she did herself and in her own way, find a way to right her wrongs.