Sunday November 19 2017

How I choose my accessories

Lukoma Hellen accesories fashion

Lukoma (2nd Left) with friends at Blankets and Wine Festival last year. PHOTO BY ALEX ESAGALA  

By Hassan Ssentongo

For Lukoma, it is important to understand your mood and probably the mood of where you are headed. “Accessories say what you are feeling without you saying a word,” she says.
Go on and allow yourself to feel good about what you are wearing using the power of the accessories. Everything else should fall into place after that.

Dress/ outfit you are wearing
Lukoma says the colour and appearance of the dress ultimately determines the kind of accessories you will need to wear it with. Lay it down, for instance, on your bed and see what jewellery matches with it.

Minimal or no accessories
“If a dress or outfit is so busy with heavy embellishment or prints, I go without jewellery. Oftentimes I do not even wear a watch. Just a little clutch and I am done,” she reveals.

This is the most important accessory since you can never go without them. According to Lukoma, comfort is the primary priority.
“If the shoes do not fit, this will reflect on your whole outlook. Always wear shoes that fit.”
When it comes to colour combinations, is okay not to match your shoes with your dress. Consider having blocks, that is, top, bottom and then shoes. These three can be matched to look cohesive but red shoes, red bag, red dress never looks good.

Bag/ clutch
For Lukoma, the bag or clutch she carries is determined by the kind of event she is headed to.
“I am not the handbag kind of girl. A small purse to carry my phone, wallet and other items is all I usually have. It is the same for events, all I ever carry is a small clutch,” she shares.
A classic black clutch is a must-have. It’s something you can carry every time and no one will notice you carried it the other time.

She advises one to go with what is trending. “Heavy jewellery is out. Right now, it is all about being subtle,” she says.
Sometimes only a choker necklace can suffice. Feel free to have the rest of the accessories toned down.
Wear heavy jewellery when you are headed to a wedding, and that is if you are part of the bridal party.