Sunday March 4 2018

I have found love and new musical ground - Gen. Mega Dee

found love new musical ground medic Gen. Mega Dee

Gen. Mega Dee 


Gen. Mega Dee is an artiste. He is now based in US where he has gone to school, at Kaplan College, and qualified as a medic. He has found love too and new musical grounds, writes EDGAR R. BATTE.

What is Gen. Mega Dee up to?
I have been busy doing what makes me and my family happy. I am working very hard every day. I am at my best when it comes to music, medicine, design, fashion and love for my people at home.

You have been out of Kampala for sometime now, where are you based?
I live in Los Angeles, California in the US.

What do you do for a living?
I work in a hospital as a Registered Cardiovascular Technician. I work with doctors to give the best health care to patients. I do diagnostic medicine.

How are you finding the medical world?
The medical field is very interesting and I love it every day. I did not know I had great potential to do what I do at my best. Nothing is impossible for a focused mind.

Did you relocate with your family?
Yes I live with my family here.

What is it like raising a family in the US?
Raising a family does not depend on where you are. We maintain discipline and are bonded. We have a Ugandan way of life in our home and that is what we do.

I saw photographs of you on Valentine’s Day. How different was it out there from the one back in Uganda?
Every day is Valentines in our home and we celebrate it on a daily basis. We love to love each other. In Uganda I always celebrated Valentine’s Day performing and as such most of the time was shared between my fans, which was not bad, but it’s different right now and I love it like that.

Did you get her some surprises this Valentine?
Most definitely I did as a loving husband. I came from Busoga where true love is made and trust me I did the best. She is not complaining but loving everything about us.

The work schedules are tight out there, when do you find time for each other as a couple?
We do the same work in different hospitals. We have scheduled time. Fortunately, we only work three days a week as per our hospital schedules. We work less to earn more and share more love. That is the way.

What things do you enjoy doing together, first as a couple and then as a family?
We love to take care of each other and our family is number one. We do everything together. Family bond is inseparable.

How did you meet your partner?
My love connect was in the medical school and being the most handsome man from Busoga which follows me everywhere and hardworking and interesting life coupled with great brains. It was a genuine well-studied love from both of us.

How do you keep in touch with fans in Uganda and world over?
I use my social media handles to reach and stay in touch with all my fans worldwide. My Twitter, Instagram, FaceTime, Facebook and YouTube are all under my name ‘Genmegadee’.

How do you keep together as friends out there within the Ugandan community?
Never give up on friends and all those who where and are still my friends we definitely continue to connect. Just like you, we still communicate and that is why you can easily reach me.