Saturday May 24 2014

fun with fashion: Blending runway pieces into your wardrobe

By Gloria Haguma

Sarah Nyamwenge, designer for Lady Crane fashion house, explains that runway clothes in Uganda come in themes like cultural or traditional, modern and creative. This makes them suitable for occasions such as office, party, red-carpet, club, and casual.
When properly worked on, all the clothes on the runway are ready to wear.
And since runway models only act as moving hangers for the clothes, the size, colour and length of the clothes are factors that can be very easily adjusted depending on the client’s taste and preference. “All you need is to make sure you use the clothes for the very purpose(s) they are showcased.

“Uganda has just the rainy and dry seasons, so use of warmers, jackets, coats and scarves as additions to your look depending on the weather is acceptable. However, there is need for internet search, regarding how to dress when planning to travel beyond Africa,” she says.

Most runway clothes look extraordinary or weird because designers put to life what their minds create. This can look very fabulous and creative on the runway, but needs extra courage or alteration to pull off on the street. As an artiste, you can freely wear whatever you decide to choose. For the common man, the following can be of help:

• For a lace see-through dress or shirt/blouse that you might want to pick off the runway, add a black vest and tights to give decency.
• The shirts that reveal the chest and bras on the runway can always be worn with plain-colour vests, preferably black, so that the details of the shirt can still be brought out even when your body is not revealed.
• The outfits that have too much details such as multicoloured beads, outstanding collars or sleeves can be worn with plain trousers or skirts and simple shoes like kitten heel, Oxford or dockside shoes for a stylish official look.
• The runway look normally comes as a full package of clothes and shoes. In case of uncertainty of the outcome of your look, consult a friend or fashion expert. Just do not give room to get it wrong.