Sunday August 13 2017

Hidden treasure in jars


By Gloria Kawuma

One of the expectations of being a mother are that you are expected to know where everything is kept even though you are not the one who kept it in the first place. The items range from socks, car keys, sandals, papers and for me the popular one is pencils and rubbers...and sharpeners. Did I mention that the items are usually needed at the eleventh hour which leaves me running around like a headless chicken yet all my things are in their I ask myself the question, why bother with the organisation when I will still get myself running around?
The immediate task at hand was to turn my trash into treasure depending on the sizes of the items to be kept. Used jars of honey, marmalade, coffee, powder soap, peanut butter, juice which, I collected, cleaned up then labelled them.
Because of the likelihood of being dropped easily, I chose to give the children the plastic jars and I retained the glass ones. Also, the other thing to consider is that the lids should be those that you have to turn in order to seal as opposed to those you press down. This way, you are sure that there is no possibility of spillage.
Basically, all you would need is a cupboard with shelves that are lined with jars of all shapes and sizes containing rubbers, pencils, coloured pencils, office clips, crayons, rulers, stick glue, buttons. Anytime an emergency pops up instead of running around, you will graciously walk to your cabinet and select the required jar and save the day!

My trick
I decided to tackle one thing at a time...the pencil drama. There was no way I was going to buy jars or plastic containers to keep all these items in...It was going to be costly especially considering that I had to have two sets of storage that is, the one that I hold on to and the one that I give to the children to keep as part of their responsibility training.