Thursday November 25 2010

Are there any health benefits of sleeping in the nude?

By Nelson Muhanguzi

With some personal research and a couple of interviews, Nelson Muhanguzi finds out the benefits of sleeping in the nude.

The dusty old abnormal psychology text book under my bed defines exhibitionism as a sexual disorder where a person derives sexual gratification from exposing his genitals to unsuspecting persons. My roommate believes that like all girls who frequent Just Kicking on Friday night, I suffer from a mild form of this paraphilia. But I disagree.

You see, I believe that research and an inability to mind one’s business are important elements of good journalism, so the fact that it was 9a.m. and I was lying on my bed stark naked with the covers kicked away, completely dead to the world does not in any way imply that I’m an exhibitionist, it means I was doing research. The most enjoyable research I will ever do. Google and Wikipedia were rendered useless, all I needed to do was to take off my clothes and go to bed.

Sleeping in the nude is certainly controversial, and opinions about it are disparate. It was interesting to observe the various emotions it elicited. Edward was astonished when I asked him about it. “It is weird, I can’t do something like that,” he said, the look on his face ably conveying the disgust he felt. This opinion I suspected was fuelled by ignorance so when I asked him if he had ever tried it out, predictably, he had not, and the look of disgust morphed into one of revulsion, “Sleeping naked is simply primitive, I don’t see myself doing it ever!” he finished.

Fahad’s face on the other hand lit up when I brought up the topic, “I do it all the time, it is the best way to sleep,” he said. Theresa agrees with Fahad, “It (sleeping naked) is the best night dress; it is very comfortable.” Sheila just like Edward was repulsed by the whole idea, although her main objection was that she had a roommate.

The results of my research were very conclusive, I could not remember the last time I slept so well, which made me wonder if I was missing out on any health benefits resulting from sleeping in the nude. Most doctors I talked to were generally amused by the topic, their responses (often interrupted by light-hearted chuckling) generally tended to be negative.

Dr Herbert Muhwezi, a specialist on public health said, “There are certainly no benefits at all, (of sleeping naked) it might even increase the risk of one getting malaria, since one is not protected from mosquito bites.” From interaction with the doctors, of whom one sleeps in the nude, I got the impression that sleeping in the nude is not a subject that is given any considerable attention at medical school.

Sleeping in the nude is weird in a way, and before my life-changing research, I felt it was something that only toddlers should be allowed to get away with, an opinion that stemmed largely from ignorance. That underwent a dramatic change, and now from my very informed position, I encourage everyone to sleep in the nude as often as they can. One just has to take care of a few trivialities. Always make sure the door is locked, and the curtains are drawn, if you have a roommate, go to bed after him or her, and wake up before they do, otherwise the chances that you will damage an innocent soul are high. Plus, do not forget the odomos.