Monday September 1 2014

Excessive sweating, what you can do

By Betty Ndagire

When a person sweats excessively every day, it can disrupt their normal activities, apart from causing anxiety and embarrassment. This is because a person who sweats a lot may end up with a bad body odour, which can be hard to get rid of.

Dr Stephen Ssebulime, a general practitioner at Sebbi Medical Centre, in Wakiso District, says daytime sweating on the palms, soles and underarms, for no apparent reason is known as focal hyperhidrosis. He says the cause can be known by establishing which parts of the body sweat more.

In some cases though, excessive sweating happens when a person engages in intense physical activities such as jogging or weight lifting. According to Dr Ssebulime, warm temperatures and the clothes we wear can also cause a person to sweat.

“Some health conditions such as having a fever, leukemia, diabetes, anxiety disorder, heart attack or HIV/Aids can affect the way the body absorbs and generates heat,” he says.
When a person sweats a lot during the day and night, it could also be because of side effects to certain medication that they could be taking.

•Dr Ssebulime advises people who sweat a lot to use antiperspirants every day. Antiperspirants work by interacting with the skin and sweat glands to control sweat.
•Sweat shields can also be used under the armpit to absorb excess sweat and protect clothes.
•Wear loose-fitting clothes and avoid materials such as nylon. Also, avoid clothes that show sweat marks easily.
•Use medicated soap to reduce body odour and skin irritation.
•Avoid footwear that absorbs a lot of heat such as boots and sports shoes.