Monday March 24 2014

Eye defects: having the right glasses

Make sure you get a professional to prescribe

Make sure you get a professional to prescribe for you what kind of lenses you need. Photo by Rachel Mabala 

By Beatrice Nakibuuka

There are several eye defects and they all have different treatment and glasses specified for them. However, sometimes we do not get the right glasses for our defects thus worsening the conditions. The first and most important step is to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Always see an optometrist every six months for children and yearly for adults. Even when you feel your eyesight is normal, it is important to regularly go for eye examination.

After the tests, it is important to see the same eye professional to prescribe for you the type of lenses you need for your defect.
Sometimes people have sight defects but instead buy sunglasses which do not solve their problem. Dr Charles Kibaki, an optician at Eye 2 Eye Clinic says your spectacles are not right for you, “If there is excessive pain in the eyes accompanied with a head ache, double and blurred vision, sensitivity to light rays and unnecessary tearing in the eyes all the time.”