Monday June 2 2014

Pregnancy notes: Foods you should eat when pregnant

By Christine Katende

We all hear how it is important to eat a balanced diet, but that is even more true for expectant mothers. This is the advice doctors give pregnant women, but sadly few expectant mothers do so.

Pregnant women who eat less nutritious foods or go without food are most likely to be underweight.

Meanwhile, Dr Alex Kakoraki, a general practitioner at Murchison Bay hospital in Luzira, says a pregnant woman should not only rest enough, do less tiresome work but also eat healthy for the better child development.

He notes that expectant mothers should have a balanced diet every day to prevent them from any illnesses that come with nutrition. Dr Kakoraki further gives a list of the foods enriched with different nutrients that an expectant mother should have throughout the nine months of pregnancy.
Energy giving foods; these include rice, cassava, potatoes, yam and millet to keep her strong.

Foods rich in proteins to cater for the tear and ware of some organs; they include meat, eggs, beans, soya, peas, and maize.
Foods rich in vitamins like greens and vegetables to enrich the body immunity.

Foods rich in iron like millet, beef, vegetables and greens to provide the body with enough blood so that she doesn’t get deprived of blood during delivery.

Foods rich in folic acid like fruits and nuts for the proper development of the baby’s central nervous system.

Dr Kakoraki explains that failure to have such foods might lead to spina bifida, a developmental congenital disorder caused by the incomplete closing of the embryonic neural tube of the baby.