Monday March 28 2016

Four-year-old boy needs Shs15M for heart surgery

Annet Namubiru says she has failed to raise the

Annet Namubiru says she has failed to raise the money needed to fill the holes in her son’s heart. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa  


Four-year-old Ibrahim Trevor is in need of heart surgery.
Ibrahim was diagnosed at Mulago hospital as having two holes in the heart, a condition that can be rectified by carrying out surgery.
The boy’s mother, Annet Namubiru, a resident of Kitintale, a Kampala suburb, says with her meagre earnings from her tailoring business, she is unable to raise the money needed to fill the holes in the little boy’s heart.
Namubiru earns between Shs3,000 and 5,000 daily and cannot raise the needed Shs14,585,000 for the surgery at Mulago hospital.

“My son is in immediate need of heart surgery but I cannot afford it so I appeal to the general public to help me financially so that I do not lose my only child,” Namubiru appeals.
She says at the age of one year, her son started having on and off sickness characterised with high fevers. It is when he fainted on their way from a clinic that she heeded to doctor’s advice of taking her child for a Shs 42,000 checkup at Mulago hospital.

“I realised that my child had a serious ailment because even a simple flu would have him hospitalised. Yet this is not the case with other children. I was reluctant to heed to doctor’s advice to take him to Mulago for a heart checkup because not only was it expensive for me but also Ibrah did not look like a child with a heart problem.”
It was at Mulago hospital that Ibrahim was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection which the doctor said is common in women. The doctor said the condition was in advanced stages and had compromised his kidney and liver.

Using profits from her business, Namubiru was able to get treatment for her son, hoping that it will give him a new lease of life.
But this has not been the case. He now needs more money to ensure that he gets a clean bill of health.
“The doctor prescribed anti failure drugs like enapril and digoxin to help prevent possible heart failure so as to sustain the boy until surgery,” Namubiru says.
Unfortunately, she has not bought them because she cannot afford it.

Ibrahim Trevor’s mother. For more information or information, please reach Annet Namubiru on 0778571474.