Monday January 13 2014

How to take care of varnished nails

If necessary, remove a nail that is causing

If necessary, remove a nail that is causing problems until the pain subsides. And whenever possible, give your nails a break from acrylics. Photo by RACHEL MABALA 

•If you have manicured natural nails, ensure to visit the salon every two weeks. For people who engage in heavy household chores such as washing, once-a- week visit is recommended. On the other hand, a person with manicured powdered nails can make the next salon visit after one month. This is because powdered varnished nails tend to last longer than those applied on natural nails.
•Genuine and the fake nail polish can easily be distinguished at the time it is being removed from the nails. Genuine nail polish easily dissolves and can be removed by just putting a little bit of the varnish remover into cotton and rubbing it onto the nails. Fake nail varnish may be too thick or watery and does not easily dissolve when the remover is applied.
•Nails may change colour from white to either brown or yellow if one continuously uses fake polish.
•Since finger nails are mainly composed of proteins known as keratin, it is very important that one has a constant sufficient diet that is rich in proteins. Some of the best foods for healthy nails include eggs, beans, fish and milk. On the other hand, foods rich in Vitamin B7 such as soy beans and greens help to prevent the nails from breaking.

By Esther Oluka