Monday March 7 2016

How long does one take to heal after Circumcision?


By Vincent Karuhanga

Dr, I got circumcised about one month ago but am not healing. How long does one take to heal and play sex because I wake up and find strong erections because of taking long without sex.
Jacobsen Nestor

Circumcision which is the removal of penile foreskin may be cultural or religious whereby a knife is used to cut off the skin. Medically a knife or other methods including of a clamp or ring may be used with each method generally giving different times of healing. Generally it may take 3-4 weeks for one to heal but for all used methods of circumcision it is advised that one takes a minimum of 6 weeks to play sex again.

Erstwhile it was advised that one to prepare for circumcision should play a lot of sex to avoid painful erections which inevitably lead to a complication of post circumcision bleeding. Whether one has lots of sex before circumcision he will still have the so called nocturnal tumescence (morning wood or morning glory) that happen during the dreamy stage of sleep (REM sleep).
It is not just taking long without sex that is causing the nightly erections but those REM sleep erections are announcing that your reproductive system is healthy. Nocturnal tumescence does not happen in most people with impotence.

Doctor, My wife recently delivered by C-section. She is huge and I was told by my doctor that the best contraception for her is a coil. When is it safe for her to put a coil after a C-section.
Enos Ebyarimpa

The aim of contraception after delivery is mostly not to get pregnant too quickly before the body, mind and pocket heal properly from the ravages of the previous pregnancy. The contraception gives more time to plan for the number of offspring one can afford.
A woman if she is not breastfeeding may get periods at around six weeks after delivery. Then she must have ovulated two weeks before this period meaning that she may get pregnant before getting the first period after delivery.
It is likely that a mother may come back for postnatal care at six weeks after delivery when she is already pregnant. Many mothers however may not come back for postnatal care so that the best time to carry out contraception with an Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device is soon after delivery.

The immediate insertion of the device (copper “T”) soon after delivering a placenta can be done during a C-section or after a vaginal delivery or after a miscarriage. This so called, the unmet need for contraception is generally safe and effective, although compared with interval insertion it carries a higher risk of expulsion.
So please do not wait any longer, take your wife for contraception immediately because once she gets pregnant the Uterine Contraceptive Device will serve no purpose.

I had an operation on my scrotum recently for a big prostate. Ever since this time, I cannot erect and am having a headache and gas! Please advise what I can do!
Enock Mukirane

The scrotum contains testes. Testes in adults apart from sperm production also produce a male hormone, testosterone. In men, testosterone is responsible for the development of male reproductive tissues (the testes and prostate) as well as secondary sexual characteristics such deep voice, beards and male body mass. Apart from the general wellbeing, the male hormone helps in sex drive, normal erections and sexual performance.
Testosterone directly stimulates the growth of both normal prostate tissue and prostate cancer cells and is also implicated in swollen prostates (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Orchiectomy or orchidectomy is a surgery that removes the body’s source of testosterone, the testes and may be done to treat prostate cancer leading to loss of sex drive, erections, and poor sexual performance which on their own can lead to headache. Loss of ones testicles (castration) risks one female like breasts and figure which can be stressful resulting in headaches.
That said, there could be other causes of your symptoms (headaches) at the advanced age when men usually get prostate cancer including hypertension which may require checking out by your doctor.

Doctor I was asthmatic but these days I get just a simple usual cough. What bugs me is this chest pain for which diclofenac is not helping. What can I do? I also have ulcers.
Ashlat Bikandema

Asthma symptoms result from inflammation of the air ways leading to cough, wheeze, chest tightness and difficulty in breathing.
One of the cardinal signs of inflammation is pain and as such when you feel chest pain it could be that actually you have an asthmatic attack but in your case it may be mild and not being taken seriously. This could be the reason of chst pain and mild cough.
Instead of taking painkillers you require investigating and avoiding the trigger of your attacks apart from managing the mild attacks. The ongoing mild inflammation can worsen the damage in the airways resulting in more severe attacks of asthma. Please consult your doctor about whether you may require taking asthma preventive drugs instead of mere occasional treatment then.

Though Peptic Ulcers are usually caused by a germ, Helicobacter Pylori, Diclofenac is also implicated in causing peptic ulcers and starting or even worsening asthma. Other drugs given for asthma called steroids can also cause peptic ulcers.
Ulcers can lead to regurgitation of acid into the airways leading to chest pain and worsening asthma. Treating the heartburn then may improve chest pain as well as Asthma.
To reduce the heartburn and Asthma symptoms then one requires to raise the head of the bed, sleep on the left side at least 2-3 hours after a meal, avoid smoking and night alcohol , and foods that cause heartburn.

I am 30 years old and have never had sex with my girlfriend. We smooch and when I reach home from her I get wet in my pants and my manhood gets painful. Don’t you think I will have a problem if I play sex with her?
Mukoza Denis Adyeeri

When a man desires for intimacy he may get sexually excited (erect), with some glands inside the penis (cowpers glands) producing a clear, colourless, viscous fluid (precum, prosemen or pre-ejaculatory fluid). Since semen uses the same route as urine, there are always traces of acidic urine left in the urethra at any time.
Acidic environments are hostile to sperm hence the said fluid apart from acting as a lubricant to ease sexual friction it serves to neutralise the acid in the urethra as well as in the vaginal canal. The fluid also plays a role in semen coagulation and protection of sperms in the vaginal canal.

The amount of fluid produced varies with men and timing (0mls-5mls), the degree of sex hunger or excitement, state of mind and hydration. When it is much, it may wet ones pants but sometimes it may not show in an erect penis which faces up only to come out after the erection is gone and under gravity wetting one’s panties.
Sometimes a man may not be sexually stimulated and yet produce fluids akin to prosemen or precum ( prostatorrhea) related to inflammation or infection of the prostate gland but this is usually noticed following urination or defecation.

Pain on detumescence may result from a prolonged erection, (affecting both the testes and penis) or if there is infection in the urinary or reproductive system which requires checking out.
Also such pain after a sustained erection may result from blood that is devoid of oxygen because it may have pooled in the penis for too long.
In case of such blood having formed a few clots the pain is associated with a continued erection even when the stimulant (the woman herself) is long gone. In a few men pain may be psychological announcing unfulfilled sexual promises and pledges.
Please visit your doctor to rule out especially infections.