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Minor cuts: how to treat them

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By Emmy Omongin

Posted  Monday, February 24   2014 at  02:00

A cut is an injury caused due to an opening on the skin. Minor cuts should stop bleeding in10 minutes. Surprisingly, Anthony Ayebale, a doctor at Gaba Medical centre, says minor cuts also need treatment and care to prevent infection.

He outlines the following procedures on how to take good care of a cut:
•Clean wound with water
•Avoid soap
•Remove dirt/debris in the wound
•Apply antibiotic ointment
•Dress/ bandage the wound
•Change dressing daily
•Apply gentle pressure if bleeding persists
•Stitch if it’s a deep cut, or if it bleeds heavily

Ayabele also adds that if the cut is dirty or has debris, delayed wound- healing or discharges pus, one should seek medical help from a health centre. He adds: “Victims should not try to clean a deep wound with deeply lodged debris. They should not try to push back exposed body parts or leave the open wound exposed to any sort of dirt.”

Instead, one should seek medical help from a health centre.

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