Monday March 14 2016

Netballer needs Shs18m for surgery

Caroline Imalinga can barely walk following an

Caroline Imalinga can barely walk following an accident during a netball match. Courtesy photo  

By Christine Katende

If it was not for the excruciating pain she experiences, Caroline Imalinga would have been able to live her dream of becoming one of the leading netballers in the country.
In fact, she is in her current situation because of her passion for netball. Imalinga injured her pelvic girdle in 2000 during one of the matches. “We were playing then one of my colleagues pushed me and I fell down causing this injury.
My parents thought it was a simple fall that would quickly heal but that has not been the case,” she narrates.
Imalinga adds that she sustained serious injury to her pelvic girdle making it hard for her to walk let alone take part in netball. The pain became so intense that pain medication could not soothe her.

That marked the start of her frequent visits to health facilities.
In 2001, she had her first operation in Ongino Hospital, Kumi District but her situation detoriorated. She was referred to Mbale hospital in 2003 where she underwent a second operation but did not register any improvement.
Imalinga says, “I have continued to live in great pain as the damage within the pelvic girdle is increasing and worsening. I cannot stand on my own and even if somebody supports me, I cannot stand for long.”

In September 2015, Imalinga went to Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Uganda (CORSU) on Entebbe Road where doctors recommended her to go for surgery that would save the pelvic girdle from getting further damage but due to the financial constraints, her mother could not raise Shs25m needed.
She sought a second opinion at Kumi Orthopedic Centre where she was asked to raise Shs18.7m for the corrective surgery.
However, Imalinga cannot raise that amount since she has no income-generating activity.

How to help

To help Caroline Imalinga, reach her on 0753474593 or Salume Acen (mother) 075208014, or Enangu Paul (brother) 0751459331. The money can also be deposited to Kumi Orthopaedic Center, Centenary Bank Kumi Branch on account number 4710400003.