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Pregnancy Notes: It’s okay to take that much water

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By Christine Katende

Posted  Monday, May 26   2014 at  01:00

In general, doctors advise us to take at least eight glasses in a day. But is it any different when a woman becomes pregnant? Dr Alex Masiko says that a pregnant woman needs about 10 glasses which is 2.3 litres of fluid, per day. This can be water, soup, juice, milk or any other non-alcoholic refreshment like soda. He notes that this should be taken during or between meals.

“With exercise and hot weather, it is important to drink additional fluid. Make sure to carry water along with you, but do not drink it constantly, leave gaps in between,” he says adding, “For activities that last longer than one hour, an expectant mother should take diluted juice or plain water.”

As an expectant mother, the doctor says you don’t need to drink more than the average but make sure that you take what is enough. Drink whenever you’re thirsty.

Water helps to facilitate the absorption of essential nutrients into the cells and transports vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and hormones to the blood cells.

It is those nutrients or the rich blood cells that reach the placenta where the baby is. “Because the baby also uses what the mother takes in, it is better to have enough,” he says.

Water helps take out the waste from the system especially the kidneys.
Dr Masiko also reveals that water makes digestion easier and that with enough water, an expectant mother cannot suffer from constipation.

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