Monday March 10 2014

Pregnancy notes: what to eat and what not to

By Christine Katende

Right from the time you receive and disclose the news about your conception, many people you come across will tell you about what you should or should not drink or even eat during the nine months of pregnancy more so, things containing acids. You will of course wonder why since you are new on board and have no idea of whether they are right or not.

Dr Alex Kakoraki, a gynaecologist at Murchison Bay hospital in Luzira, says women tend to get limited space in the stomach when they get pregnant because it is occupied by the unborn baby. However, a pregnant woman has to have a balanced diet, eat little but much more times because they share whatever they eat with the baby.

He notes that failure to observe regular meals leads to under weight in the baby and anaemia in the mother. In the same way, the doctor cautions that overeating may cause discomfort because of the delayed digestion that takes place.

He points out the different things expectant woman should or should not drink or eat during the nine months of pregnancy.

What not to take
This might make the baby underweight. It can also cause mental problems to the unborn child.
This leads to stillbirths (child born dead) and spontaneous abortions (miscarriages).
This contains caffeine and taking it in excessive amounts might lead to mental problems in the child.
Excessive taking of water:
This increases the amount of amniotic fluids which causes discomfort to the mother and the baby.

What to eat
. Fruits and green vegetables for vitamins.
. Cabohydrates, that is, energy giving foods, such as cassava and sweet potatoes.
. Proteins such as eggs milk among others for body repair.