Monday June 4 2018

How to take drugs as prescribed


By Sarah Aanyu

How to take drugs as prescribed

Sarah Aanyu

Giving a patient drugs does not guarantee recovery because many do not adhere to medication. Dr Emma Achoro, a general physician at J&B Clinic in Nsambya, says there are several ways you can ensure drugs are taken as prescribed by the doctor.

This is more effective for those who are old or bedridden. The caretaker may be a relative or a hired nurse who will ensure that the right dosage is taken at the right time. “A caretaker will make sure that his or her patient gets better, so taking drugs will be guaranteed,” he says.

Joseph Wangisi, a doctor at Clinix Hospital, Nsambya says: “I expect a child to be monitored because they do not comprehend taking medicine. So, a parent or an adult will need to be present when the child is taking their drugs so as to avoid cases of drugs being hidden or thrown away.”
Use of alarm clocks
Wangisi says this should be set at the exact time the patient has to take the medicine because it acts as a reminder for those who keep forgetting.

Dosset box
Achoro describes it as a box that helps the patient take the right quantity of the drugs and some boxes show the days the drugs are to be taken. It is more effective for the bedridden and the old who do not have a caretaker.

Enlighten the patient
This is the simplest of all methods because all a person needs to do is to tell the patient the complications they will face if the drugs are not taken at the right time or even when they skip taking the medication.