Monday June 4 2018

I do not eat fried food



I am cautious of my health and mindful of what I eat or drink and the medicines I take. I tend to focus on things that have no negative effects on my body and state of mind.

My day starts with a fruit. This can be a banana, avocado and my favourite; the cucumber, which is a must have every day. I was advised by a doctor to include it in my diet because I suffer from peptic ulcers. Cucumber helps reduce the burning sensation in the stomach. All the foods I eat must be boiled because I avoid fat at all cost.

For tea, I use soy instead of tea leaves. Soy is rich in proteins and fibre and helps reduce bad cholesterol. However, I have just started using it, still as advised by my doctor. I hope that I get to realise its health benefits soon.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure some time back but I have not been using any medication. I was instead advised to work out regularly and as a must, I skip rope 100 times every evening. I also try as much as possible to stay away from situations that cause stress.

Although I do not like drinking water, I take a lot of juices and once in a while a soda.

I stick to eating all my meals because I have to control the ulcers and the blood pressure. I do not eat matooke because it causes a burning sensation in my stomach. I mostly limit my meals to vegetables and fish or meat.

I often visit the doctor for a check on pressure and in case of anything I am advised on what to do. I always carry some medications such as flagyl with me in case my stomach gets bloated or upset.