Monday June 4 2018

Yes you can actually find happiness on social media


By Carolyne B. Atangaza

Social media has become the bane of our lives. With its integration into all facets of our lives, there is not much one can do to stay away from it. However there are some tricks you can employ to keep your sanity and happiness intact.

Evelyne Kharono Lufafa, a psychologist, says the best way to survive the onslaught of social media is to work on your inner being and recommends that people should stop comparing the details of their “friends’” seemingly perfect lives with theirs because it will only leave them feeling inadequate, envious and can easily lead to depression.

“The best thing to do here is to stop comparing your life with that of the virtual friends and stop judging them.

Instead of becoming a “hater,” make it a habit to compliment one or two people each time you go online,” she adds. If there are people who keep bringing bad vibes with their negativity, do not hesitate to unfriend or block them.

Lastly, Lufafa cautions against attachment. “Don’t get attached to your posts and people’s comments.

The amount of likes you get has nothing to do with who you are, how attractive you are, or how many friends you have. People are busy with so many things and their failure to like or comment on your posts means nothing,” she asserts.