Monday June 25 2018

I prefer tea to water


By Phionah Nassanga


Even as I was growing up, my parents told me that too much of anything is always bad. I therefore find myself eating small portions of food and this has now become my lifestyle. For breakfast, I take a cup of milk and two slices of bread. For lunch, I usually eat rice, posho or chapatti with beans or meat.

I like matooke but avoid eating it especially in a restaurant because I do not trust their cleanliness. In some restaurants, banana leaves used to cook matooke are reused for even a month and this I think is very unhygienic. Others cook the matooke in plastic bags whose chemicals can contaminate the food. If I am to eat matooke, it must be prepared by someone I trust or at home.

At home, I do not eat food after 10pm. If I feel hungry after this time, I usually take a cup of tea. I also prefer eating fruits that I have cut myself. I do not cut and keep fruits because I believe this is one way of spreading germs.

I am not a water drinker but I love tea. I therefore take a cup of tea every after two hours and this keeps me hydrated. To make sure that I control my sugar intake, I do not add any to my tea
When travelling long distances, I do not buy roadside food because I believe it is unhygienic and sometimes not well c ooked. To relax my mind and deal with the day’s stress, I watch or listen to football.

Exercise and medication
Every year, I take part in the MTN marathon. On other days, I only workout when I realise that I am gaining weight. I am not good with taking medicine so I never self-medicate. However, when I fall sick, I always visit the doctor for a proper checkup and treatment.