Tuesday June 20 2017

How should I handle persistent candida infection

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

I have on several occasions used pessaries to treat Candida but the infection persists. What can I do?

Dear Darlyn,
Candida is a small organism that lives in the mouth, big intestines, on the skin or even the vagina without causing health problems. But conditions that disturb candida’s livelihood in the vagina can lead to it turning into a monster.
Candida vaginal infections are common with women who have diabetes, conditions that reduce immunity such as HIV, are on hormonal contraception, are pregnant, are on long term treatment with broad spectrum antibiotics or steroids, use antiseptic soaps or lotions to wash the inside of the vagina, and sometimes, without any cause.
Some women get candida associated with chronic stress or around the time of periods or ovulation. Treatment, therefore, requires addressing the said causes above before success is achieved.
Unfortunately, when the cause cannot be found or even when the cause cannot be addressed, one will treat Candidiasis hoping it does not recur but sometimes it does.
The said pessary or tablet treatment can go a long way in helping remove the candida monster in addition to cutting down on sugars, wearing cotton panties, managing stress, or diabetes and drying oneself properly after a bath.