Tuesday July 18 2017

I find it hard to get an erection after ejaculation

Help! I cannot sustain an erection


By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Nowadays, I find it hard to get an erection after ejaculation. In my youth, the erection would last three to four rounds.

Dear Mike,
The period during which a person will not have an erection let alone an orgasm is called the refractory period. It allows the man to recover and recharge for another round. The length of this period varies with individuals and gets longer with age. This may end up reducing the number of orgasms one is likely to have at one “sitting”.

Fortunately, as men grow older, the time taken to have orgasms grows longer to compensate for a longer refractory period so that a woman is not left dissatisfied and he devastated.

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Many women unlike men do not get refractory periods and may therefore get multiple orgasms. An increased production of the hormone oxytocin (and prolactin) during ejaculation is mostly responsible for the refractory period and the more the oxytocin produced during sex the longer the refractory period.

So, what is happening to you is normal except it has come at a time when men are eager to show off their sexual prowess. Pace yourself, then you will leave her properly satisfied.

After ejaculation, I wore white pants and noticed a bluish colour in my semen. What causes blue semen?

Dear Samuel,
Healthy semen is usually white, grey or clear in colour. When it dries on a white cloth, it may leave its original colour or any other colour but mostly brownish yellow which if one has symptoms such as painful urination requiring further medical evaluation.

That said, semen colour changes may indicate a health concern that will require consultation with a doctor before other complications set in.

The prostate gland contributes about 30 per cent of semen and when infected can produce greenish-blue semen. Infection of the prostate can complicate STDs or may happen most when the prostate is enlarged.

Infection of the prostate may be silent or may be accompanied by painful urination, pain behind the pubis and frequent passage of little urine.